Sports Tracker Premium is here!

This week marked an exciting milestone for Team Sports Tracker. Our new subscription-based Sports Tracker Premium went live!

Sports Tracker Premium is our new subscription service that introduces advanced features for anyone looking to boost their workout. Months of hard work was put into giving you smart and practical features that tap into the exhilarating feeling of getting better. We thought – if we let you define your own personal goals, give you the appropriate tools to follow your progress with, throw in a little inspiration with new routes and finally, push you in real time to wake up that competitive voice inside your head – you’ll be pushing past your limits in no time.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Premium offers:

  • Goals. Set a goal for duration, distance, calories or amount of workouts. Choose a reccuring weekly or monthly goal, or decide your very own time period. Seeing your progress is one of the best motivators there is!
  • Route Ranking. ST Premium automatically recognizes the route you’ve taken and compares your time to previous ones. You’ll also see how your times match up against routes of similar distances.
  • Training summaries. Check out your training history in clear, data-packed charts. Compare your weekly or monthly totals to see just how far you’ve come.
  • Detailed stats. Filter your workouts by activity, tags, and more to fine-tune your training for maximum gain.
  • Tagging. Keep a rich, organized training diary by tagging your workouts with keywords (e.g. road bike, commute, sunshine etc.) and get a better picture of how different variables affect your workouts.
  • Route following. Check out your friends’ top picks and discover new local tracks. Already available for Android – coming soon for iOS. 
  • Ghost target. Set a ghost target and see in real time how much ahead or behind you are of the target time. A ST team favorite, this feature is guaranteed to help you beat your own AND your friends’ records. Coming summer 2014.

Pretty cool, right? Creating Sports Tracker Premium has been a big effort for our team and it wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support from our tracker community. It is at this point that we want to thank each and every one of you for your ideas, bug reports, beta testing, localization help and general love over the years. Thank you! Let’s keep pushing forward together.


Team Sports Tracker



  1. Miguel

    You at ST are just a bunch of lying bastards!
    You promised a 10 pound rebate when buying the premium app and now say this rebate applies for future purchases!!!
    I want my money back. Who should I contact/what should I do to cancel my purchase of your (now I know) not so great premium app?

  2. tom

    Dear Sports-Tracker Team

    Finally you made a premium model and you decided for
    you a month/year paid model. Everyone hates this!!!!!
    I paid for so many apps, but never for a time based model..

    If want to do this you have to offer something really unique like:
    – calculation of training plans for individual targets
    – tracking of training and fitness

    I would be happy to pay for an premium app (on time) with following features:
    – live tracking – like on old symbian versions
    – alternative maps (osm) – google maps is a bad outdoor map!
    – use of barometric altimeter – no this no for the weather ;-)

    So far you have still the most pretty sports-tracking app!
    But please be a bit more innovative.. you have it in your hands.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback! I’m happy to tell you that we have OSM in the works already. It’ll be a Premium feature and at the moment we’re looking at July for the release :)

  3. Sean

    +1 vote for Windows Phone Premium. Would sign up in a heartbeat as soon as it’s available. I think there’s a group of loyal Sports-Trackers who moved from Symbian to Windows Phone… Happy to wait but please make it happen!

  4. Fernando

    25€/año, no es el mas barato, ni el mas caro tampoco, pero si veo que otras aplicaciones ofrecen descuentos y promociones con meses de suscripción gratis. Creo que además para los que han comprado alguno de vuestros productos es de agradecer que ofrezcáis descuentos.
    Además de esto, si vais a cobrar por un servicio, lo menos que se puede pedir es, que este traducido (la aplicación lo está, pero no la web) y que funcione en todos los dispositivos (- flash y + html5).
    25€/year it´s not the most expensive service but neither is the most cheap, but if I can see other applications offer discount and promotions to month free suscription. I think that for the people that has purchased one of yours products, is welcome you to offer some discount.
    In addition, if you will charge for a service, the least that can be asked is this translated (the app is, but no the web), and it work in all devices (- flash and +HTML5).
    P.D. Escuse me for my personal translation.

  5. Alex

    Is there any possibility to add the elevation gain and elevation loss inside the mobile app? Now the only option is to consult the track trough the sports tracker website, and it is a bit annoying.


    1. Juan/Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Alex, we have added that feature to our Android app this month and we would hopefully add it to iPhone in the future too.

  6. Chris

    Deat ST team,
    I am sure you spent much work into the new features, they are cute, cool that ST is still improved – I am sure that at the moment ST brings not enough money to live from. Thanks a lot.
    With the new premium app my hope reraise that – at least for the new premium app –
    – audio feature for most important running data (no looking to the smartphone during running any more)
    – training plan programming and
    – live tracking of the training on the internet

    will be added one time. With these features you could really push your premium app!

    Best regards

    1. Juan/Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Chris, glad to hear that you appreciate our new features! Those three points that you mention are indeed good ideas that we would love to implement in the future. We hope that the new possibilities that we will bring soon will be of your interest.

  7. Jiri

    I payed the yearly fee more as a support to SportsTracker team than for the added value in premium version. I’m enthusiastic ST user since the Symbian days and I’m happy to support you.

    Maybe one thing to consider in the similar workouts comparison. Sort by duration doesn’t make much sense as there is very often significant diference in distance between “similar” workouts. The workout with the shortest time may not actually be the fastest but just the shortest one. I believe sorting by avg speed would make more sense.

    In case you would think of support for Czech language, I would be happy to provide you with translations.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jiri, thanks for your feedback! I’ll forward this our developers. And a big thanks for supporting us, our loyal users mean the world to us. On behalf of the whole team I wish you a wonderful summer!

  8. mikko

    any option not-to-renew automatically?

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Mikko, you can visit your My subscriptions page on Google Wallet and cancel the Premium subscription there. This doesn’t delete the Premium functionality, but will just cut the subscription when your period ends.

  9. Ben

    Im’sorry to say that to my opinion ST is trying to use the old-economy pricing schema in a new-economy world. I suggest to considder having
    – a free version that is fully functional but stores data fo a month,
    – to keep the data (nice trigger) you upgrade to a commercial version (the current version) for 2,99 Euro (product lifetime).
    – Major upgrades once a year, upgrade will cost you 2,99 again
    – Alternatively you buy a yearly license including all upgrades and updates for 2,99 euro first year and 2 euro subsequent years.
    – A premium version can be 5 Euro and have the same schema.. but:

    The functionality in the premium version needs to be seriously competing with the others on the market (like an audio coach with a music selection on running pace/heartbeat/or variations, controlled by voicecommands or… movements or… NFC with prepared rfid stikers. Recognize rounds you run, link with a weather database, always be able to backtrack the weather conditions – that can even be included for already recorded excercises). Im always in for a brainstorm session for groundbreaking functionality, I’d say organize one on-line. Sounds like a no-cost advisory board. Again, don’t catch up, jump over!

    The current App economy is one of scale. You have to be prepared to invest to reach the scale, and after that the money will keep you well alive, but do not get at ease! Keep running, that will make you a winner (look at Apple, how they lose mayor ground by losing their frontrunner). The 25 Euro move looks like you’re into cask problems, but this move will kill the investment you did for the premium stuff you put in (and will hurt your image). Reconsider your business schema I suggest.

    Surely I do not have your usercounts, so it is hard for me to do the calculation. I’d say hook up with a few brands. A cool audio coach gives you plenty of possibility to make money (Even I can digest soft advertising by a sensual voice of a coach-assistant during my 10K run) .

    Anyway, my point is, think of a better pricing schema and don’t try to run text to your competitor, just jump over him!

    Even though I have only a nokia 920 WP and will probably lag behind new developments for the next few years, I still love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!

  10. Chris

    i use ST since Symbian. ST is a great App and i would like to support the ST team with some money,but a monthly fee without a trial version is not very customer friendly.
    Won’t buy a cat in a bag ;-)
    Is there a way to spend some cash once for a trial?

  11. Andy

    Since I have been moaning about the lack of diary statistics since July 2011 I have subscribed, Thank You! After nearly 3 years the Android client is finally catching up with the (free) Symbian client, but we still need a step counter… But it’s good enough now that I can retire my trusty N86 :-)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Happy to hear this Andy! Symbian is indeed the only app version with a step counter at the moment. Hoping to bring it to Android at some point too.

  12. Ibon

    25€ per year?!?!?!
    I’m sure you can find more than 5 people that would pay 5€ per year better than 1 that would pay 25€.
    I would pay 5€, never 25€.

  13. yog

    IDK if you moderating comments or its error but my first comment didnt show up.

    1. You sell HMR compatibile ONLY with your app
    2. You promise updates (data export, intervals and such)
    3. You dont deliver on your promises (no intervals, data export only works with gps coords, so its useless for indoor training, and so on)
    4. You dare to make PREMIUM apps with extra futures.

    I want refund, you didnt deliver on your promises, i dont have complete product, i cant change software and i dont want go give you anymore of my cash.

    You kind sirs, lied in your advertises and hide info that i will have to pay for extra futures.
    Thats bad bussines tactics. I cant even go to your competitors. BECOUSE that damn HRM is compatibile only with you app and EXPORT sucks.

    So please point me where and how i can request refund. (same stuff was sent to your email)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Check, got your email!

  14. Peter

    This is crazy. You already make money selling hr belt monitors and other accessories. If i do quick math: 70 € hr belt + 45 € cadence sensor + 25 €/year subscription 140 € initial cost. And 25 €/year for the next 4 years is 240 €. Really? And your hr monitor
    (don’t know about cadence) doesn’t work with other ant+ enabled computers. No thank you.

    One time price for app would be ok but not subscription model. When my old hr belt stops working (bought it when i was using nokia n79) I will look elsewhere. Unfortunately but you are too expensive.


  15. y

    1. You made a HR monitor that is compatibile only with your software.
    2. You promise a lot of your customers that you will improve your apps, never once mention that they will be hidden behind paywall
    3. You make some non esentiats addons.
    4. So… We cant you software from your competitors (emdomondo, runtastic… other stuff) we can only use basic version of Sports tracker, or pay ridociulus amount of money, for updates ?

    Isnt that against bussines rules ?
    Doesnt it fall under false advertising ?

    Where can i get refund ? I boutght Sports Tracker becouse app was free, and YOU promise that you will add extra functions. INTERWAL TRAININGS and stuff. I feel lied to.

    I want my money back or I want you to make your hr compatibile with other apps.

    1. Pedro

      The HRM I bought from Sports Tracker many years ago (From the brand Polar, but bought via Sportstracker) works with other software like Google My Tracks. The fact is that I prefer sports tracer free more than My Tracks.

  16. Jörg

    As long as inviting friends doesn’t work correctly (see support case #14380 dating back to April 2013), there’s NO WAY you get my money ever again.
    I don’t need the app anymore (use Garmin hardware for tracking because of HRM battery efficiency – bluetooth is a bad joke), but I like SportsTracker’s idea very much und would even consider a subscription, so FIX ESSENTIAL FEATURES first!

  17. CC-man


    great app! Still, I cant upgrade to Premium. The freemium app says “Sorry, We cannot proceed with the purchase”. Im using iPhone 5.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi! Can you check that you don’t have the restriction for in-app purchases on in your phone?

  18. Jörg

    As long as friend invitations don’t work, there is NO WAY you get my money ever again (see support case #14380 dating back to April 2013!).

    I was one of the first that bought the HRM for their Symbian phones. Because bluetooth connection is a bad joke for such purposes (that’s not your fault of cause) I use Garmin hardware for tracking now. I really like SportsTracker’s idea and would even consider a subscription, but FIX IMPORTANT FEATURES FIRST, please.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jörg, thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to push this higher up on our to-do-list. It’s a frustrating bug :/

  19. Baard

    I tried purchasing the premium subscription, but during appstore purchase the AppStore app itself hang, and now SportTracker crash during startup :-(

    I tried uninstall/install, but it crashes once I logon with my ST credentials. It looks like a deadlock I’m unable to resolve myself.

    I really hope you can look into this, and I expect others to be hit by this bug as well.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hey Baard, just sent you email regarding this from feedback(at) Let’s try to find out what happened!

      1. Katja

        I have that exactly same problem as Baard. My Sport tracker crashes all the time after I bought the premium version. Phone is Iphone 5. Could You respond this ASAP. I’m in the middle of the training season and I would like to get it fixed.


        1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

          Hey Katja, dropped you a mail too!

  20. Salman

    Please add weather conditions as well. While reviewing the workouts diary it will provide a better picture how different weather conditions affect workouts. Thanks

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Salman, thanks for your idea! Will write it down for our developers to consider.

      Ps. For now you could use tagging for this: write down quick remarks about the weather upon saving in the description field.

  21. Roberto

    Well guys, I think that to pay for the application could be right, but sincerely I thought that the price would be only once and not 25 E/year . Reading about the new features they are interesting but I would prefer the following adds (android version):
    1) step counter and step rate (presente in old symbian app)
    2) the add of emergency button to trasmit the position to some familiar/friends eventually the need will arise by MMS or better by internet.
    3)the add of alarm for heart rate (max and min)
    4)the possibility to program serial work (already suggested)
    5) Improve the heart rate monitor adding a barometric sensor to calculate height instead to use GPS height.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Roberto! Thanks so much for your suggestions. Will send these to our developers for further consideration.

  22. Sven

    Can’t pay with google play credit?!

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Sven! That depends on your country, please read more here:

  23. PietroAM

    Heart Rate Alarm still missing for Android, go for it URGENTLY!

  24. PietroAM

    I would suggest to add URGENTLY Heart rate alarms for Android version, this is a big lack!!
    Moreover, I quote Bình Nguyễn for his ideas.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for your feedback, will forward this to our developers.

  25. Thorsten

    And another request: if I follow an older workout some voice response (faster/slower than before, every X min/km) would definitely be nice.

  26. Thorsten

    Well, the price is ok, but

    – the personal goal should be synced too (couldn’t see it on my other android devices)
    – the “comparison with other workouts (same route)”-feature shows me different numbers of workouts on different android devices, which is kind of weird

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Thorsten! Thanks for your feedback. Goals don’t sync at the moment, but this is definitely on the to-do-list. Voice response is planned too. As to the comparison issue, can you give me your username here or via our Support Center so we can look into this? Thanks!

      1. Thorsten

        I have mailed my username via the support center.

  27. Chris

    Price is a joke. Would need to be the best cycle app on earth to justify such a high price. No way would I buy it when you can get most of the features on offer for free from other apps.

  28. Herra Kuulapaa

    Why did you remove heart rate segments (low, medium, heavy) from sportstracker. It is not very good publicity to remove functions from standard and move them to premium.

    You should be shamed. Maybe we should start informing people on forums that sportstracker is not the way to go anymore…

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi! I’m not sure what you refer to as we haven’t removed heart rate segments from our iPhone app (the only app version that has them at the moment). We did have the zones in Android prior to our big backend update last summer, but since then they’ve been on the to-do-list for Android as well.. Hoping to bring them back at some point :)

  29. mrplot

    Have you forgotten us Windows user again??

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      We’ll let you know as soon as there are news to share on our Premium and Windows Phone.

  30. Toni

    Considering the features you get compared to the free version, the subscription price is insane.

    Luckily I don’t need any of those features, all are “nice to have”.

    The new cadence sensor is nice though.

  31. John M

    To all the people complaining about the price, yes it does seem a little high, but it’s cheaper than a Strava premium subscription which is $6 a month. Admittedly Sports Tracker appears to have a bit of catching up to do, especially with the website (where it’s well over a year since they announced the beta non-flash version). If they’d brought in the premium subscription back then I would definitely have subscribed. Now isn’t so clear cut as I mostly use my Garmin Edge. I’m tempted to do it for a year though in the hope that they can pull back all the ground they’ve lost.

    I would, though, like to see a symbol, like in Strava, next to the premium features in the app to make it obvious which ones are premium.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi John, thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to tell you that the long wait for the new website will be over around June, our HTML5 is in the works! Will also forward the idea of marking the premium features in the app to our developers. Thanks!

  32. Wirga

    Die Idee ist ja vielleicht nicht schlecht, nur finde ich, dass man mit dem Premium eigentlich nicht viel gewinnt. Zudem wäre es vielleicht nicht schlecht wenn man so ein Premium für einen Monat testen könnte. Dann weiss man ob es einem was bringt oder nicht. Eine Testversion fände ich super, die würde ich auch gerne mal ausprobieren.

  33. sli

    25€? Are you crazy?

  34. Andrea

    You are going to loose a lot of users with the big idea of a premium expensive version… App competitors will thankyou a lot!
    I’m really disappointed..

  35. Alex

    In my opinion the price is insane. I only would pay 3-5€ once. Not 25 every year! This is crazy!

  36. htmval

    Dopo diversi anni di utilizzo e accessori acquistati sullo shop ufficiale spero tanto che il team di Sports-Tracker non abbandoni utenti come me.
    Spero tanti che il servizio gratuito resti funzionante per sempre e che in futuro verranno effettuati aggiornamenti e nuovi sviluppi anche per la versione free.
    Il pagamento di una cifra per avere la versione premium per sempre, a mio avviso, sarebbe meglio di un abbonamento mensile od annuale.

  37. Bình Nguyễn

    I have some suggestion:

    1. Build a HTML5 website, please don’t use flash anymore.

    2. Adding features to website, such as creating route, cheers (as Runtastic), training plans,…

    3. Adding more reports and analysis tools

    4. Member fees should be different depends on country of users (perhaps depends on GDP of countries), not all users are the same.

    5. Adding some indoor sport activities, such as push-up, sit-up

    1. Maciej

      Very reasonable suggestions!
      I will just add that I can pay even those 25EUR (despite I’m form Poland) but where is Windows Phone? It’s already big part of the market!

      For me and around 20% of people in Finland or Poland it is a deal maker.

      Just please tell us will premium be availble for Windows Phone? I hope that new income source finally will let u grow faster! :)

      From Poland with love! ;)

      1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

        Hi Maciej, WP is still under consideration :) We’ll let you know as soon as there’s a decision.

    2. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Bình! Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll add the feature requests etc. to our wishlist.

      HTML5 website is in the works, we’re looking at June for the launch. Very excited as we can’t wait to get rid of the Flash either!

  38. Dani

    What about audio guide/coach?
    Im missing that bug time compared to others!

  39. Pedro

    Price too high.

    Checking the new features I found them interesting, but not worth at all for paying 25€ / year. I’ll pay 4-5 € but only once or at least per year. And of course including the ghost target function.

    It will be a detail for the users to offer a 1 month free trial to check if it’s worth to subscribe.

  40. Kris

    15PLN/monthly in Poland!? Are you crazy?! We aren’t rich people! Reduce to 5 then I can buy it.

  41. Pedro

    What about Serial Workouts programming?

    One of the best ways to improve your pace while running is to make serial workouts combining moments of high intensity with moments for rest.

    Yesterday I made a 25′ warm up and then 10 times 1min at high intensity and 1′ walking and then another 5 mins at normal pace.

    I had to use the manual lap to differenciate every part of the training and continously check the time in the phone while running for being just one minute. This is really not useful. A premium app should include the possibility of programming the training and then inform you with voice alerts of when to change the activity from one to other.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Pedro! Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll add this our Premium wishlist.

      1. Magnar

        Ridiculous. So all new features will only be available in the premium version? This suggestion has been raised years ago for the symbian version of ST.

        Will all efforts regarding missing features in the app now only be developed for the premium version? I don’t think that is a good idea.

        BTW: The price is too high…

        1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

          Hi Magnar! Introducing ST Premium is in no way the end of our free app. We continue developing both :)

  42. Gonzalo

    Ridículo 25 euros al año por algo que ya existe en apps gratuitas como orux maps, o en endomondo pro que es de pago pero por menos de 2 euros.
    AWSONE 25 € year!!! You are crazy! when you can use other best free apps like orux maps

    1. Guglielmo

      Endomondo premiun te costa 3,99 usd por meses y 26,99 euro por 12 meses…..y la version gratiuta falla y mucha vez el tracker no lo pone completo……el malo de sport-tracker que la ultima version haces crash 1 vez su 10

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